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Artists Statement/Bio

“My earliest memories are centered around creativity. My family nurtured this in me and I was encouraged to engage in several disciplines and media before being claimed by paint and brushes. I tried to learn to read music and play the piano, too. That didn’t pan out, other than I can play by ear and understood my reluctant nature to follow rules. For me, it is the process – actually learning and understanding each tube of paint, its viscosity and opacity and how it reacts with colors layers behind and ending results in the final layers. There is a sense of science with this I love. Over the years and several paintings later I feel the paint and brushes have become an extension of me – viscerally. While I paint, the world fades away and my emotions, memories and colors fill the tooth of the canvas. Layers upon layers of color and line balance opacity and viscosity, abstract ambiguity and mixed architectural references. The resulting ‘graphic’ effect is intentionally bold, exploring the fine line between graphic and fine art.” Rebecca Moy




Rebecca Moy is a 2003 graduate of Columbia College Chicago where she studied visual arts management. Since, Rebecca has completed a visual arts residency at River East Art Center, Chicago; worked with the Field Museum for live painting exhibitions and has had the honor of exhibiting solo at the prestigious Union League Club, Chicago, Illinois Institute of Art, Park Schreck Gallery, Curly Tale Fine Art, Heir Gallery and Orland Park Public Library, IL and several other group exhibitions. Rebecca’s paintings are in the permanent collections of Neiman Marcus, The Dana Hotel, Resonant Legal Media, Northwestern Mutual, MD2 International, and several privately owned. Rebecca simultaneously works on private commissions and is in the beginning of a new series entitled “Aphasia” which directly addresses the experience of losing a parent in her unique sense of color and composition.


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