Friedman Fine Art – Representing the Finest Chicago Artists

Friedman Fine Art has been developing corporate, institutional and residential art programs in the Chicago area for the past 39 years. Along with a marvelous collection of photographs and environmental branding graphics, Friedman Fine Art represents the most talented local Chicago artists working today. This group of marvelous contemporary Chicago artists work in a variety of mediums and styles such as oil on canvas, watercolor, mixed media, acrylic on panel and paintings on paper. Each of the artists on this site are professional artists with impressive resumes and significant bodies of work.

The accompanying slideshow on each particular Chicago artist represents both past and current works of art and is indicative of the artist’s style. Friedman Fine Art is proud to represent this splendid group of artists and would be delighted to work with individual collectors and corporate clients to place these marvelous works. Please give us a call or use our Chicago Artists contact form today.


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