Chicago Art by Tom Francesconi

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Chicago Art by Tom Francesconi


Friedman Fine Art and is extremely pleased to represent the exceptional works of Chicago local contemporary artist Tom Francesconi. Tom’s paintings, featured on the site, have become nationally recognized for their richness of color and unique brushwork. His works have been published in magazines and in eight books, including the famous Splash 1. Tom is a member of several watercolor societies, including the American Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society.

Art Institute Watercolor Painting
Art Institute watercolor on paper 22” x 28”

Francesconi studied art at Eastern Illinois University and later focused on watercolor at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. After 12 years as a commercial artist he returned to painting. Francesconi teaches weekly classes in Chicago and holds workshops throughout the United States, France, and Croatia. His work has been exhibited in many national exhibitions such as the National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, and Watercolor West.


Francesconi has served as president of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. His work has received awards, more recently the Lakes Region Watercolor Guild Award at the 2010 TWSA Exhibition. He has also written articles for the magazines Watercolor and Watercolor Magic (now Watercolor Artist).


If you would like to view additional works by Tom Francesconi and over 30 other phenomenal contemporary local Chicago artists please follow this link


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