Fine Art by Local Chicago Artist Jordan Scott

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Fine Art by Local Chicago Artist Jordan Scott


Chicago Art is pleased to announce its representation of Jordan Scott on it’s new website of contemporary local Chicago artists.


I got my start drawing stream of consciousness faces for my father’s amusement at the age of 5 or 6. My father, a sculptor and painter, liked the idea of what my “un-muddled” mind could create without the baggage of any substantial life experiences and distractions. He felt this baggage could often close the valve, or shut the doors, to true spontaneous creativity and play. These figurative drawings progressed and evolved, and I was, for a time, obsessed with drawing my own left hand. I often did this at restaurants on paper placemats and napkins. Some of these left hands were very good, especially considering the age and lack of training of the illustrator at the time. My mother saved one of the earliest of these placemat specimens. It is currently on display in her kitchen in Northbrook, Illinois.


Years later, I accompanied my mother, who was in advertising, to a press proofing in a huge industrial print plant. She showed me some colorful packaging and then had me look at it under a loupe, or tiny handheld magnifier, and what I saw amazed me. The solid colors were, in fact, not solid at all but made up of thousands of individually placed dots. This was long before the time of personal computers and dot-matrix or ink-jet printers, and nothing had prepared me for this concept.


Today, I often reuse and recycle materials outside their originally intended purpose and context. My current work incorporates thousands of used and canceled postage stamps forming abstract landscapes and color fields. These pieces create an interconnected whole greater than the sum of its parts, just like the advertising packaging. One of my current bodies of work, the Vortex Series, uses a simple but effective pattern of quadrants (once similarly deployed by Frank Stella in his Black Series) and the pixilation concept to create a beautiful meditative pattern-field of color and motion.


I often use digital photography and computer aided graphics to help me organize and work through my ideas. Digital photography, and all its many facets, has become a true passion of mine and a creative support for my other mixed-media artwork. I am currently enrolled in the Digital Photography Certificate Program, a one-year intensive, at the Chicago Photography Academy.


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